Spray Paint

Custom blended "Tahitian Red" Honda paint. Very durable paint, matched perfectly to your Honda's original Red color.
Dead match for your Honda 1975-82 CR80/125 Elsinore, 1975 MR50, 1975-78 XR75, 1979-82 XR80, 1977-81 Z50.
Minitrail, also matches Red on early XL75/100/125/250/350 models.
The VMX Orange spray paint is also for the Honda XR year models 1983-2000
Sorry, but we cannot ship paint via air internationally, or here in the US. Only by UPS ground.

Over the years we have received a lot of feed back about out VMX paint; we know how much the shipping 
charges are nowadays and we would like to share with you the following information just to save you 
some money on the shipping charges. Most customers use for a frame 2 cans of spraypaint, and if 
you want to paint your swingarm also it requires an extra can.



Acrylic Enamel: Tahitian Red Spray Paint 
(CR & XR75)
For most 70's CR & 75-76 XR 75 models.
$17.99 per can (12 oz. can)


VMX Orange Acrylic Enamel: Exact color copy for original OEM Honda
The Orange Spray Paint is
for the year models 1983/87
And also for the Honda XR year models 1983-2000
$17.99 per can (12 oz. can)

VMX Red Acrylic Enamel: 100% match with the 
VMX red plastic color for year models 1975/82
$17.99 per can (12 oz. can)