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 Custom 78-79 CR250R  Red Racer from Neil Jones! 


 '79 CR125R Fox Airshock, DG head, Raced on a regular 
 basis with our vintage club here in Texas, the TVRC.
 Steve Williams, Fort Worth, TX
 This is my 1975 XR 75, thanks for the chance to show it 
 off, Jeff Noble.
 Tahitian red clear coated tank, New seat, Powroll exaust, 
 Powder coated aluminum DG replica swingarm, MT 250 
 rear shocks, 1980 YZ 80 front end Billet brake stay and 
 engine mounts.
This is the mugen I built with Marty Smith in mind.
 He would be the only person to ever ride this bike!
 As you can see Marty really like the bike, He even
 autographed it for me. Thanks Richard Vassallo.
 Joe Abbate's Honda CR125DG
Carl Hothan's original 1982 CR250 (except the DG pipe).
It has no more than 25 original hours.
The grips show almost no wear and the paint on the
frame is just barely rubbed off from my boots.
I'm located in West Jordan, UT.
Will Calia's 1980 CR250 Elsinore

Here's my 1980 Honda CR125RA which I restored last year (2007) and I've just given it a winter overhaul. All motor bearings, seals, gaskets and many gearbox parts replaced with NOS, new clutch, Cylinder bored to 56mm and plated, Wiseco piston, ported and port timing mods, cylinder head modified (all done by Eric Gorr) Crankcases matched to cylinder. 35mm carb. Boyesen pro reeds. Jemco pipe and Pro-Form muffler. Ohlin shocks.
Simon Potter from
England .


Robby Sartain's 1981 CR450 Fort Worth, Texas
Thanks for a cool site!
This is my baby, an  original '78 CR 250. Engine never apart original tires, bike maybe has 10-15 riding hours I have the original white gas cap but keep it tucked away . The bike has never been touched up any where still has original paint on the exhaust. The only after mkt parts are the fenders, the originals are nice but father time started to make them fade they were purchased from Red Racer 4 yrs ago. 
The tank is perfect with the exception of a tiny piece of the wing emblem on the left side when sitting on the bike but you have to 
look hard to see it. No touch up was ever done to this bike just a little WD-40. I raced one of these bikes back in the day but now I have a large red paper weight, I just like to look at it.

Take care-Dave Nesbit in Des Moines Iowa
Marc Phillips 1973 Elsinore CR250 with GMC Pipe.

Here are some pictures of my 1973 Honda CR250M Elsinore that I restored.
It;s before and after pictures of the bike that started out as being a flat-tracker bike, that I returned back to the stock Honda CR250M Elsinore pride and joy, using all NOS parts.

Bobby Field
E63 Constitution Drive , Londonderry , NH 03053    
(603) 437-7561


Here is my 1979 CR250R.  
The bike has the original paint, front fender & side covers. 
I race it in vintage hare scrambles in Northern California .

Dennis Chapin, Antelope CA

Kal Treiman's 1978 250CR Ventura CA
I like your website.
I'll be visiting frequently to see how it grows.
Here are a few good pre-restoration pics of my 1983 CR125R for your collection.
I also have a 83 CR480R and XR500R, but no good pics of those.

Will Elsner


This is my first restoration.
It is also my first new Honda I purchased back in 1980 every bearing/seal/gasket is new .
I have as much nos Honda stuff I could find/afford!
Runs great, new aftermarket Ohlins from Peter at VMX.
This is my race model doing up a show piece now!

Jim Richardson

Steve Carrier's 1984 CR500

Alan Burke’s 1980 CR 125. 
I have VMX fenders and side plates on it. 
Top quality plastic that fit perfect. 
And paint from VMX. 
Thanks for all your help!

Al Burke


Jim Bjorklund at Owyhee MX 03-09

Shawn Woodward’s 1979 CR 250 Cincinnati Ohio


Steve Kittleson 1984 CR250 resto. Ventura Ca
This is a couple of shots of my 1979 CR125. AHRMA #85J
Thanks for looking Jerry Pickett

Michael Hughes 1979 RC450 replica, signed by Bad Brad.

Cheers, Michael Australia.

Here are some pictures before and after of my CR resto.
The bike was owned by a local policeman who had flogged it to death as a kid and then parked it after moving on to a Husky Auto.
I paid $500 Aussie dollars for it and spent another 2 grand on the 
the restoration and thanks to guys like you a lot of the factory nil stock stuff is available once again.
I have restored an RM 125 T and have a YZ 125 F underway so 
they will look great lined up together. All I need now is a KX to complete the picture!
Cheers from Australia, Dan Gibson.
Vinnie Di Padova's 1980 Honda CR125 with VMX plastic.
Emron paint on frame, swingarm, springs, and hubs.
Original rims, spokes,  nipples (replated) and original bars.
Original suspension redone by Suspension by Jake.
Motor rebuilt by Dave Miller of DMC.
New old stock fasteners where ever needed and available.
Restored original tank.
Terry Bernard's 125 and 250 RM's, Cincinnati Ohio


Here are some pictures of a CR450/480 I built last year.
I used parts from a 1981 & 1982 CR450 and some from the 1983 CR480. I just call it a RC450!
Peter at VMX helped me with all plastics and really helped me with the swingarm that he makes!
This was one of the early swingarms that needed some help...He went over the adjustments and now they just bolt right on! and 
work and look GREAT!
I think this is one of my favorite bikes to race.
Thanks VMX!!!! Dave Coupe' 10k


I live down here in Albuquerque  my 74 has your stuff on it and 
I am curently doing a 465 yz it's going to get your product also.
The Ktm is in the Hall of Fame in Ohio and was the center fold 
in the March issue of the AMA Magazine. 
The red 79 DG CR has 30 Degree billet clamps the we Made 
here in Albuquerque.  
Your product is by far the best around.   Dennis Blanford
Thanks again Charlie Yamada Discovery bay Calif.

Here's a picture of my 1979 Honda CR125 with
VMX Racing plastic fenders and side plates.


Hello, photo of my Elsinore  360 regards Jean Marie Doussot.
Buddy Johnson's Low-Hours 1981 Honda CR250R w/ 
VMX Racing plastics & Seat Cover, DG Pipe & Silencer, New Dunlop Tires. We're Located in South Carolina.
Kevin Weill's 1979 CR 125 and XR 75
Andy Grayson's total resto KX80c2 1982 a good little bike i had one 
new in 1981 and loved it.
This my 1981 YZ125 I am original owner I still have my 81 seat and as you can see I fit a 1982 tank seat to my bike I like the look and ride better, any way cool site needs cool bikes on it, this a rider as it is, I have all nos replacement parts to do a full on show bike resto, someday so I look forward to that.
Almost fully restored, 1978 Maico 400 Magnum belonging to
Lonnie & Tammie  Roberts.

KX 250 1984 super low hours i would say less then 20 original hours. Steven Vaughan


From Italy KX 125 A7 '81 full restored, seat A6.Ciao Claudio.
Rick Palmer's 1979 CR250R Not restored, but very nice rider! 
Rebuilt nitrogen charged rear shocks, new seat cover, 
VMX fenders, Circle F pipe and muffler, new chain, sprocket & rollers. Very fun to ride, might sell! 
Parker, Texas
Roy vander Veur's KX 125 A7 West Chester PA
Mark Harris here thought I would share some photos with you .
1979 CR250R and a 1977 CR125M and  1974 MR50 
Here's some pictures of my latest restorations; a 1974 Suzuki 
TM100 and a 1971 Kawasaki Dynamite.
I am now restoring a 1976 Yamaha YZ100C, and am looking for a 1975 or 1976 CR125 for my next project. Tom Ewing


This is my 1983 Suzuki RM500D, the front forks, disc brake 
etc are off a 1984 XR500 Honda the conversion was simple and required no modification to the original parts

Thanks and regards, Shane Edmonds. Tauranga New Zealand


This is a 1981 CR450 with a NOS Engine and a NOS MUGEN ME460 Kit.
This project came out flawless and the bike has never been started.
Every part is Genuine Honda NOS. 
The bike is stored inside my house.

Tim Hunt Cornelius, NC   


Mark Love's 1980 Honda CR-250R Elsinore, Arkansas 

Please see my Husky 1982 in existing format and original as 
you can see bit of a wreck really.
Very pleased with performance big lazy then oh shit !! , 
next to do is new rims and TLS drum
and CDI ignition, have you tried to kick one of these ?
Thanks for good web site let’s see the Husky parts completed. Regards Matt Guffogg

Tel: 01204 596908 Mob: 07875496950



This is my 1980 CR125. 1 pic of when I bought it,  and 2 
of it after resto. Regards Keith Tovey.


Here from Italy Honda 450 R 1981 SimonS forks UDX60 

Regards Stefano.

Dino Corrao's CR500 1984
Hi Peter,
These are the pictures of my MOTO-X-FOX Elsinore. It's a 1978, has VMX plastic,
and all the bolts, motor mounts ect. are Denton Engineering.
Good talking with you, and look forward to doing business again soon.
John Stewart.
1977 Suzuki RM125B from John Orchard, Melbourne, Australia.

Bike has been completely rebuilt ready to race, mods are optional Suz alloy swingarm, Boyeson reeds, Wiseco piston, Progressive 
rear shocks, 34mm carb, RM125X front race plate.

Here are a few pics of my 1973 Wheelsmith Maico; as you can 
see it has a 1972 Square-Barrel 400 motor, U. S. Sports aluminum swingarm, later style 125 aluminum tank, black anodized aluminum rims, and repro plastic fenders in the "Flaming Orange".  1974 1/2 GP aluminum hubs, 1975 side panels (which thankfully fit perfectly on the true Wheelsmith frame!), and assorted custom aluminum bits, including the Ohlins, round out the build.  It is highly effective, and has won 2 out of it's first three outings (the third was a DNF - ignition)! 
Mark Brown  Keller, Texas
My latest restoration projects -  a replica of the "Type 1" Marty Smith RC125 (using VMX Racing plastic, of course)
and a 1976 Yamaha YZ100. I am now working on two more restorations - a stock 1975 Kawasaki KX125 and a radical 1975 Honda CR100 (CR125 sleeve-down). Tom Ewing - Naples, Florida

1979 Honda CR250 Elsinore, the bike has had a total restoration 
and a lot of trick parts added including Fox Shox,
Vforce, 41mm forks and DG silencer.
Don Browning
Steve Carrier,s 1981 CR450 and 1984 CR500 Factory Replica.
Yamaha YZ 400 1978 SimonS fork. Regards, Stefano Tanari Italy
Don Brown 's Just restored 1976 CR250M Elsinore. 
Camarillo Ca.
Keith Tovey's Honda ???
Here is my just completed 79 CR250, 
and my second 79 CR250 it has your 
plastics and seat cover on it.
Dean Amason

Good morning Peter. I hope all is well.
I wish to submit a couple pic's of some of my bikes.
First is my my '74 Honda. Second is my '76 Maico.
The Honda started from several boxes and milk crates.
The Maico was a roller and terrible shape.
I performed all the modifications myself.Except.:
I had the cylinders rebored by a local machine shop.
Fast By Gast blueprinted both gearsets. Have a great day Peter.
Sincerely,Mark A.


Ken Bouck's 1983 Kawasaki  KX125-B2
Mark Harris Honda's 1978 CR125M, 1973 CR250M,
1974 MR50 and 1976 CR125M
Here is my 1980 CR250 that I rebuilt/restored using
parts from VMX Racing. T
im Morris
This is my Honda CR250R from 1984. Its completely restored. 
But the plastics its still all original and no imitation plastic. 
The engine is completely fresh rebuild all new. 
For the rest the most is original. 
I still go to old-timer grass-track demonstrations and drive there with it.
But I'm lucky that i may be the owner of this bike.
Pardon for my English is not 100% good.
Greetz Robert Nouta from the Netherlands. 
Hi, here is my wife's CR175 with your plastics and swing arm.
Thanks for your help, Kevin.

This is my 1973 Honda CR250M I rebuilt for racing using
many of your parts. Thanks Ben Weaver, Mid-Wales UK